Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Let's play.

I love to play and sing with other musicians. I get to play in duos, trios, combos, bands. But I’m really glad that I can accompany myself on a few instruments. I like to write arrangements for myself and my guitar students that include parts that other bandmates might play, if they were there; e.g. walking or alternating basslines, signature licks, breaks, rhythm solos, percussive strumming, various chord voicings. This is my accompaniment style, and I love to teach it. If you are a singer-songwriter and feel you are stuck on a plateau regarding your guitar playing, a student or player who’d like to understand more of the possibilities of the guitar, or someone who’d like to learn a song or many songs, come for a lesson. I’m open to the occasional lesson or the regular booking. Let’s play.

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