Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Let's play.

I love to play and sing with other musicians. I get to play in duos, trios, combos, bands. But I’m really glad that I can accompany myself on a few instruments. I like to write arrangements for myself and my guitar students that include parts that other bandmates might play, if they were there; e.g. walking or alternating basslines, signature licks, breaks, rhythm solos, percussive strumming, various chord voicings. This is my accompaniment style, and I love to teach it. If you are a singer-songwriter and feel you are stuck on a plateau regarding your guitar playing, a student or player who’d like to understand more of the possibilities of the guitar, or someone who’d like to learn a song or many songs, come for a lesson. I’m open to the occasional lesson or the regular booking. Let’s play.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Course Offerings

Yesterday I wrote up a guitar arrangement for the Beatles' version of A Taste of Honey. Lots of songs get cooler when you analyze them a bit; I teach the guitar part(s) but also guide the student to give attention to chord progressions and chord voicings, songwriting, composition, performance. This song just may make the cut in one of my new guitar courses for intermediate students, British Invasion Immersion. We'll tackle some Kinks, Stones, Beatles, Animals, and more. I'm putting together a course in American Songbook/Standards as well, and I'll keep you posted as to these and other offerings so that we can get started soon and fight the winter doldrums. Meantime, you can contact me here. As always, I have a great curriculum for beginners, too, and lots of songs and arrangements in the filing cabinets. Don't go another year without playing more. PLAY.

Monday, January 5, 2015